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Happy Birthday MJ!

Always There

Today is Michael Jordan’s birthday, so we’re revisiting one of our favorite pieces! D.A. Reddick completed “Always There”  in only 10 days (approx. 100 hours) in 1994.  This was during the time when Micheal was playing for the Birmingham Barons. After making arrangements with Michael’s personal assistant, the artist went to the Baron’s game to meet him with the piece…but he was too late…Michael had already gone out on the field.

Over the years, Reddick has turned down numerous offers to purchase the piece because he’s saving it for Jordan.

Read what the artist has to say about this MJ tribute:

“Always There”:  The title says it all, but it is easy to get lost in the images of perhaps one of the greatest athletes of all time, in this 36” X 48” acrylic on canvas work of art that features Michael Jordan. You almost feel like you are in the arena, as the central figure of this collage explodes from a hazy blue background framed by a set of “Bulls” horns. The piece features some of the greatest moments of Michael’s illustrious basketball career, one that included an NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, six National Basketball Association championships, two Olympic gold medals, and a host of individual honors that include: NCAA Player of the Year, NBA Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, League MVP, Finals MVP, All-Star game MVP, and an amazing seven consecutive years as NBA Scoring Leader.  Donning his “Home” white uniform, Michael is seen soaring to the basket for another of his patented slam dunks, with his trademark tongue wagging and his chiseled arms stretching for miles. Other images include the jump shot during his freshman year at North Carolina that sealed the victory in the 1982 NCAA championship game against the favored Georgetown Hoyas. He is also featured as an NBA All-Star, as an Olympian, and as a first time NBA champion, an especially moving image because of the emotion that is depicted. You can actually see the tears flowing from his gleefully red eyes; actually twice, because that same image is reflected in the trophy he is holding. What makes this such a special painting, however, is the final image hovering above the rest. It is an image of his dad James Jordan, whom Michael often described in his interviews as always being there for him. It is well documented that Michael lost his dad shortly after winning his third NBA championship, and before his first retirement and subsequent venture into Major League baseball.

Michael, if you’re reading this, please contact us for this special piece of art!

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